The Future of Writing On Whidbey Island

Have you seen this man?

Yes — sad but true — founding host Tom Trimbath has departed from Writing On Whidbey Island.  He helped start something great, and he will be missed — first and foremost by me — and I look forward to seeing what develops for him as he continues his writing and publishing journey!

However, you might be asking yourself …
What is the future of WOWI?

And I might reply … that I don’t have a whole lot of time to go into that right now — but … as the saying goesThe Show Must Go On!

Tom has handed Writing On Whidbey Island over to me.  With this, I see an opportunity to bring some new elements to the show — many of which are things Tom and I have wanted to do, but just haven’t had the time to develop.  I intend to have guest hosts  join me to discuss writing topics and to interview individuals from our island writing community.  The suggestion has been given to include unique intro and outro music to the show — something I was already looking into!  In time, I plan to move the audio to a podcast platform so that more people may become aware of and benefit from WOWI.  How about WOWI merch — stickers, T-shirts, etc?  I hope to also create and maintain a few social media profiles — probably Twitter and Facebook.

And the future of WOWI will happen … In The Future!

Hello, my name is Don, I’ll be your Highland bagpiper for today.

As you’ve heard in our earlier podcasts — this is the beginning of my annual seasonal work — otherwise known as my Busy Season.  Typically, Tom has done most of the heavy-lifting behind the scenes at this time of the year.  Right now, I am unable to juggle work and rolling from 50% production of the podcast to 100% management — so I need to take a little break!

My plan is to resume Writing On Whidbey Island later this year — probably around Fall.  Meanwhile, I intend to work on my plans above and begin to put these new show elements into place.

Please enjoy the past episodes in the meantime, and I look forward to you rejoining WOWI in the coming months.

~ Don

10 thoughts on “The Future of Writing On Whidbey Island”

  1. Thank you for the update, Don. Totally understandable to take a break! Because you mentioned starting up again in the fall, I want to mention that I’m a Whidbey writer with a memoir, Reconfigured, coming out July 18. It’a about moving to Whidbey Island! Perhaps we can have a discussion about my book in autumn, whenever it fits your schedule. Barbara Wolf Terao, Freeland


    1. Hi Barbara — Please send me an email using the address on the Contact page. Better to chatter a bit before that, at least by email. I can manage that much during my busy-season. — Don


    1. Thanks, VVS — Hope your writing is going well! If I’m not mistaken, you’ve put out a new title or two since we last met? — Don


      1. Yes, new book out last November is Brick, Lime and Moonshine (prohibition in the Inland Northwest). Grandpa was a bootlegger, and I grew up on a lake where our cabin was originally built as an illegal drinking house. Currently writing Chapter 4 of the next one (with a local focus). Thanks for asking, Don.


  2. Hi, Don I’m a local writer, new to the area. Can you tell me more about this podcast, is it on stitcher? Also, I’m eager to meet other writers in the area, so Hi! Chris (Feel free to check out if you want!)


    1. Hello Christian — Welcome!

      So far WOWI has only been on this website. With Tom departing and handing everything over to me, I intend to implement a few things he and I talked about but didn’t have the time to do, along with making a few of my own additions. One of those is getting the podcast onto a podcast platform or perhaps Patreon. Don’t know yet, but I want to research this while the show takes a few months break during my too-busy-season. The changes may not happen all at once, but incrementally once I start it up again.

      As for other area writers — things took a bit of a hit during the past few years, I’m sorry to say. We used to have scores of writers groups on the island before Corona restrictions — which would have been my recommendation. They seem to slowly be making a come-back — ‘slowly’ being the operative word. Maybe the best-bet for now is to try Whidbey Authors (group) on Facebook.

      Best — Don


  3. Greetings, I’m an aspiring author living locally in Oak Harbor, working on a novel project about my time as a Paramedic in remote locations, i would be honored to join the podcast, seeking insight from all literary minds on great Whidbey Island.


    1. Hello Robert —

      Sounds like quite the writing project! Being a former 1st-responder that piques my interest; when are you publishing?

      Thank you for your interest in becoming a WOWI co-host; if you haven’t already, please send me an email using the address on the Contact page. My ‘busy season’ keeps me busy between 2 particular foci (because apparently for me 1 busy season isn’t enough — OOPS). I have some weeks of sanity in between — perhaps we can connect on the north end of the rock, talk, and see how it goes toward the show.

      — Cheers, Don


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