The premise for Writing On Whidbey Island (WOWI) is simple — we are writers and we enjoy talking about all-things having to do with writing and publishing.  Our beloved island — AKA The Rock — has a flourishing community of authors, editors, book-art artists, publishers, writing groups, bookshop owners, and more.  Our wish is to present these as they have to do with Whidbey Island and to help better connect this literary community … and sharing with our listeners along the way!

Instead of radio-style Q&A interviews, our shows are extemporaneous discussions around a topic — which often include guests from our local literary community.  Please meet our hosts, Tom and Don …
(Links to Tom’s and Don’s publications)

Tom Trimbath
WOWI Co-Host & Episode Planner


Tom is an author, photographer, and a project consultant – and now a real estate broker! He has written and self-published six non-fiction titles, produced six photo books of Whidbey Island and, like most authors, working on a few more. He also has managed social media campaigns for authors, artists, and non-profits.

Website – Trimbath Creative Enterprises
Amazon – T. E. Trimbath
Twitter – @tetrimbath
Beverage – Tea, #TomTea

Don Scoby
WOWI Co-Host & Audio Engineer


Don is the owner of Whidbey Island Baking Company. He is a budding author with his debut recipe book published in Fall 2018, his first sheet music/history book November 2020, and other books soon to follow. Further launching himself into the literary industry, he is becoming a professional audiobook narrator. Don has logged nearly 25 years as a professional musician, specializing in Highland bagpipes (aka BagpiperDon), and is also a recording artist.

Website – Whidbey Island Baking Company
Amazon – Donald P. Scoby
Twitter – @WIBakingCo
Beverage – Coffee, #DonsCoffee

Recording Gear
The Unsung Hero of WOWI


To support the mobile character of the WOWI sessions, the gear has to be kept simple!  Don has a small collection of new and used mics, mixing boards, and recording units.  The chief workhorse of the show is his Zoom H2n — small and intuitive, this all-in-one unit produces a natural-sounding audio capture.  Future episodes may call for more of Don’s gear — for now, the H2n is ideal for Tom and Don along with their guests.

Website – Zoom’s H2n
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