• Gregor Rare Books – Interview

    2020-02-04 by

    Today Tom and I trekked out into some wild western Washington winter weather to interview David Gregor — musician, author, and proprietor of Gregor Rare Books — and what a day it was! A little backstory here… Shortly after Tom and I recorded and posted the first few WOWI episodes, Tom forwarded an e-mail he… Read more

  • Interview with PJ Beaven

    2020-01-21 by

    This past weekend Tom and I had the absolute joy of interviewing an author-friend of ours –PJ Beaven! PJ has a most remarkable collection of creative ideas an insights combining health, fitness, and conservation. But where do these come from?!? As a former zookeeper, PJ saw that she and her peers could take better care… Read more

  • Restarting Recording in 2020

    2020-01-06 by

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Yeah, I’m the sort of character who says it well into January — call it a Scottish thing. As you will recall from the last blog-post “Interviews Around New Years” Tom and I have made various arrangements toward our next two interviews. One being with Meg, owner of of Kingfisher Bookstore in Coupeville, WA, and… Read more

  • Interviews Around New Years

    2019-12-13 by

    Our next two interviews are scheduled — and I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am about these!!! As you will recall from WOWI Episode 7, Tom and I recorded in the future basement floor space of Kingfisher Bookstore in Coupeville, WA. Next week Tom and I will be interviewing Meg — the owner of… Read more

  • ‘Final’ Interview with Dan Pedersen

    2019-11-18 by

    This Wednesday Tom and I will be interviewing south Whidbey author and blogger, Dan Pedersen! Dan is a former Pacific northwest journalist and magazine manager.  When he broke away from city life and joined us here on Whidbey Island he made the personal discovery of writing — and having fun with it!  He started with… Read more

  • Seeing Into The Past …

    2019-11-04 by

    This could have the title or subtitle of … The Rifle, The Fishing Rod, and The Mic Stand … but I digress. I called this post “Seeing Into The Past” because it’s an addendum to my previous post, “Seeing Into The Future …“.  Something I meant to include in that last post is what happened… Read more

  • Seeing Into The Future …

    2019-11-01 by

    This past Monday afternoon Tom and I previewed the future expanded floor space at Kingerfisher Bookstore.  Proprietor and all-around-awesome-lady, Meg, gave us permission to record our first indoor-off-season at-a-business podcast in the basement of her historic building in Coupeville, WA. The upcoming additional space is going to double the display space for Meg and Kingfisher… Read more

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