Hello & Thank You for dropping by …

Writing On Whidbey Island is taking a semi-hiatus while preparing for the next chapter of the podcast.  Meanwhile, you may notice some inconsistencies on the website while updates are being made.  We will be returning to our normal podcast production schedule around Fall 2023.

PS — We are planning to record and release an interim episode June or July.  Check back soon and give it a listen.  We intend to talk about the future of the show followed by discussing a current hot writing topic!
(PSST — It’s a surprise…)

Hello & Welcome to Writing On Whidbey Island!

Writing On Whidbey Island (aka WOWI) is a writing-themed podcast founded by Tom Trimbath and Don Scoby.  Drawing from the flourishing literary community of Whidbey Island authors, editors, book-art artists, publishers, writing groups, bookshop owners, Tom and Don dive in to all-things-publishing as it relates to Whidbey Island … and sharing with our listeners along the way!

The premise for Writing On Whidbey Island is simple — we are writers, and we enjoy talking about all-things having to do with writing and publishing.  Our beloved island — AKA The Rock — has a flourishing community of authors, editors, illustrators, publishers, writing groups, bookshop owners, and more.  Our wish is to present these as they have to do with Whidbey Island and to help better connect this literary community … and sharing with our listeners along the way!

Instead of radio-style Q&A interviews, our shows are extemporaneous discussions around a topic — which often include guests from our local literary community.

An informal, unofficial blog and podcast about writing and writers on Whidbey Island