Meet the WOWI host team!

Want some background on the WOWI hosts?  During a podcast, did one of them reference a book they wrote?  What was that title again?  Please click their pictures for Bios, Book Links, Online Locations, and more……

Don Scoby

WOWI Co-Founder, Host, & Audio Engineer

Sarah McCarthy-Allen

Sarah McCarthy, Sarah Allen, Sarah McCarthy-Allen, Shadow Mage
WOWI Co-Host

Lauren Flake

Presently Lauren is recovering from a rare malady that makes her completely invisible.  Her doctors have indicated that this condition ought to clear up (such punsters!) around mid-August, possibly sooner.
Speedy recover, Lauren!
Photo Coming Soon

WOWI Co-Host

Daniel Edward Moore

Daniel Edward More, Poet
Intense WOWI Co-Host

Recording Gear

Because someone is going to ask…


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