• Invisible Pollution – More Than A Class Project

    2020-06-06 by

    Writers don’t have to have grey hair. Some start young, like John Del Prete’s class that recently published “Invisible Pollution”, a book and presentation about ocean acidification and how it is affecting life in and around the Salish Sea. That’s an impressive start to any writer’s career. This was a significant project, partly funded by… Read more

  • The Show Must Go ON!

    2020-04-18 by

    The Show Must Go ON! Tom & Don discuss how authors make adjustments, deal with disruptions, and seize creative opportunities amid COVID-19 quarantine.

  • WOWI vs COVID-19

    2020-04-09 by

    What happens when you take two busy yet otherwise energetic authors and put them up against a world-famous virus?

    NOTHING … Absolutely nothing happens.

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