• Don’s Interview On Tartan Tunes

    2021-08-06 by

    Writing a book leads to more than the opportunity for books sales. Sales or no sales, a book can introduce an author to other endeavours, and branch out to connect with other projects. Here’s an example of co-host and co-producer Don Scoby being introduced to an international audience where he was able to talk about… Read more

  • Tom’s InSpiris Audio Magazine Interview

    2021-07-02 by

    Okay, here’s a blog post I’ve been putting off writing — not because I’ve lacked inspiration, but because I haven’t known where to start! This past June (2021), Tom met with Spencer Webster — novelist, storyteller, retired U.S. Navy Sailor, a guy with a million zillion creative ideas, and the host of InSpiris Audio Magazine.… Read more

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