• Writing On Whidbey Island (WOWI) – First Anniversary

    2020-10-24 by

    I didn’t expect to finish our first year of the Writing on Whidbey Island podcast by being interviewed for another site in the UK. (Tom and Don interviewed by Pen To Print) Evidently, we’re doing something right, or at least notable. The tough challenge was finding a succinct way to summarize what we’ve done so… Read more

  • Tom and Don interviewed by Pen To Print

    2020-10-22 by

    Accidents happen and sometimes they turn out as happy accidents! A few months ago I responded to a comment online from a delightful lady in England — Claire Buss. She was looking for people who produce podcasts — I didn’t think that what Tom and I offer with WOWI was quite her thing, but it… Read more

  • William Boulanger — Private Detective Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author

    2020-10-02 by

    Often when Tom and I book WOWI guests one of us knows the guest — and Tom knows just about everyone. For this session … it was my turn. I know sci-fi & fantasy author William Boulanger through the veterans’ community here on Whidbey Island. Being a member of the SAMS (Scottish-American Military Society), a few… Read more

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