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    WOWI – 3 Years Running!

    2022-09-20 by

    Wait — WHAT — WOWI is 3 years old?!?  Yeah — that’s right — 3 years ago Tom and I sat down and recorded our first Writing On Whidbey Island episode!  I remember it fondly … a beach in Coupeville … with waves, and seagulls, and jets.  This past Wednesday, Tom and I sat down… Read more

  • Amy Gulick In The Trees

    2022-08-10 by

    Nature photographer, author, and presenter Amy Gulick kindly took a recent afternoon for a WOWI interview with Tom and myself.  Having spent time in Alaska studying the ecology and wildlife, she has made sense of the heavy sciencey-stuff and presents it in her books, such-as “Salmon In The Trees”. Amy was great to meet with,… Read more

  • Amy Gulick With Salmon In The Trees

    2022-08-07 by

    What do you know about the natural cycle of salmon? What do you know about finding funding for storytelling? Amy Gulick is an islander who has stories to tell about salmon and about how she approached her mix of advocacy, community, and funding. Amy had won enough awards for her photography and writing that the… Read more

  • Sarah McCarthy-Allen Mixing Fantasy And Physics

    2022-07-27 by

    Take one genre; there will be enough to talk about. Take a second genre and the same thing is true. Take two genres that are opposing, like fiction and non-fiction, then sometimes keep them separate and sometimes overlap them and the matrix of possibilities becomes multi-dimensional. So goes, or went, our conversation with Sarah McCarthy… Read more

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